Steph Curry has perfect ‘old’ response after saving Warriors vs. Bucks

Steph Curry has perfect ‘old’ response after saving Warriors vs. Bucks – Steph Curry put on a late-game show for the ages three days before his 35th birthday.

Curry saved the day with several clutch 3-pointers and a game-saving block in the final seconds of regulation to force overtime against the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night at Chase Center.

Then he took over in overtime, propelling Golden State to a thrilling 125-116 victory over the NBA’s best team.

Curry played a game-high 43 minutes, with only one other player exceeding 39 minutes.

An exhausted Curry spoke to ABC’s Lisa Salters shortly after the final buzzer and was asked if he was OK, considering what he had just done.

“I’m great,” Curry told Salters. “I’m just getting old.”

While Curry willed the Warriors to victory, he was subbed out of the game with the Bucks leading by six points midway through the fourth quarter. Given the significance of the outcome, Warriors coach Steve Kerr’s decision was perplexing.

Curry eventually sat for about 80 seconds of game time, and when he returned, the Warriors were down seven points with four minutes remaining.

The Bucks extended their lead to eight points with two minutes remaining in regulation, but Curry took over, scoring eight straight points to tie the game with 45 seconds remaining. Curry responded with a 3-pointer after Holiday hit a tough 3-pointer to give Milwaukee the lead.

In overtime, Curry added nine more points, finishing with a game-high 36 points.

On March 4, Draymond Green, who just turned 33, told reporters that he is not in a position to criticise Curry for his advanced age.

Green said after the game, “No, I’m a little too old at this point to be joking about somebody else getting old. I lag him by a few years. However, age is a subjective term.

You will appear older if you leave the house with an outdated mindset. He probably doesn’t leave with an outdated perspective. He doesn’t seem to approach his day-to-day with an outdated mindset, in my opinion. I’ve never seen him approach his daily activities with such a positive attitude. He is confined. actual pro. He comprehends it, and it manifests in his performance.

Green has seen a majority of Curry’s masterclass performances, and yet, he still is in awe of what the two-time NBA MVP can do this stage in his career.

Green said, “That he’s still able to do it at that level, night in and night out with no sign of slowing down, at the age of 35, which he’s turning in a couple days.

“I previously said this.

It’s beginning to change as more men enter their “prime,” if you will, later in life, but you can’t take that for granted, especially when you’re that big.

We’ve seen some great players that size before, but we all know how teams will defend him to perform at this level for so long. Every night, he faces off against two or three other men. And to keep doing it at that level is enormous.”

Kerr explained why he benched Curry late in the fourth quarter after the game.

“He looked tired at that point, so it was a no-brainer just to let him sit for a couple minutes and fill up the tank for the last few minutes,” Kerr told reporters.

Kerr’s strategy worked flawlessly, allowing Curry to play the game’s final nine minutes. And the Warriors needed every minute of it. Instead of slipping back to.500, Golden State is now 35-33 and has reclaimed sixth place in the Western Conference.

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